14:31 jdonato: hey lacy
14:32 jdonato: are you just an irc bouncer now?
14:32 jdonato: chilling out in some honky tonk downtown
14:35 jdonato: spitting in the sawdust
14:35 jdonato: washing down peanuts with ice cold suds
14:35 jdonato: townes van zandt on the jukebox
14:36 jdonato: trying to catch penny's eye, down at the end of the bar
14:36 jdonato: and in the afternoon the bartender props open the door
14:36 jdonato: and for a while, you can't see a thing
14:36 jdonato: until it gets blue outside
14:36 jdonato: and then
14:36 jdonato: and this might just be the beer
14:36 jdonato: but the neon lights
14:36 jdonato: they're really beautiful
14:37 jdonato: so is penny
14:37 jdonato: at the end of the bar
14:37 jdonato: but she's gone
14:37 jdonato: and the afterwork crowd is coming in
14:37 jdonato: they smell like concrete and horse manure
14:37 jdonato: and you barely noticed how loud it got
14:38 jdonato: and when you step outside
14:38 jdonato: and try to remember where you put your bike
14:38 jdonato: you remember there's such thing as the moon
14:38 jdonato: and for a while its quiet and you're all alone
14:38 jdonato: just you, your bike tied to the phone pole
14:38 jdonato: (its buzzing)
14:39 jdonato: and the tail lights of a drunk getting smaller as they go down the hill
14:39 jdonato: the familar sound of your bike chain as you unwind it
14:39 jdonato: and then the wind in your ears as you pedal home
14:40 jdonato: and log back into your computer
14:40 jdonato: and find this stupid fucking pm
14:40 jdonato: have a good night lacy